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Key Facts
Why Enter?
Eligibility & Scope
Entry Materials
Entry Cautions
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The information below is an introduction that summarizes what you need to consider when you start your design process, but it does not contain all the details about the rules and what you must submit.
The Full Official Rules document, on /, contains the detailed rules for this competition and you must agree to accept these rules or your entry will be refused, so please be sure to read the Full Official Rules before you begin your project.
You should also be careful to read the Entry Submission Form before you start, so that you understand fully the kinds of materials you will need to submit.
Questions? Visit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on this web site or contact new-ideas@worldkitchen.com

Key Facts

Entries Must Be Received by:
January 6, 2010
11 pm North American Central Standard Time
Submit entry at:
Your submission will not be accepted until all requirements are met, including your acceptance of the Full Official Rules; however, if you leave out a required item, the system will prompt you and you will be given an opportunity to provide the missing material.

Why enter?


  • Three Top Awards of $5,000 each
  • An expense-paid trip for your or one team representative to attend an award ceremony at the International Home + Housewares Show® in Chicago, Illinois, between March 14 and March 16, 2010.

Expenses Paid for by World Kitchen:

  • Round-trip economy class airfare, for one, from place of residence to Chicago, IL USA;
  • A hotel stay of two nights;
  • A per diem of $50.00 for each of two days; and
  • Round trip ground transportation between the airport and the hotel and between the hotel and the Show.


  • Press announcement and presentation on the What’s Bubbling web site;
  • The right to use a special What’s Bubbling winner logo for personal promotional use; and
  • Exhibition at the International Home + Housewares Show® in Chicago, Illinois, March 14-16, 2010.
  • Plus:
    • If a Top Award Winner conducted the work as a student project under the guidance of that advisor, that faculty advisor will receive a $1,000 award
    • Plus possible Honorable Mentions at the jury’s discretion, to be recognized on the web site and with the right to publish a What’s Bubbling Honorable Mention logo

Eligibility & Scope

You are eligible to enter if:

  • You are over 18 years of age;
  • You are eligible to enter based on U.S. law;
  • You are not a resident and or company of countries under U.S. embargo, including Cuba, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.
  • You are entering your original work.

Designs are eligible to enter if they are:

  • Your original work;
  • Single artifacts, entire product lines or whole systems;
  • Have not previously won an honor or award in any competition; and
  • Focused on enhancing the modern dining experience per the competition’s goals.

Design concepts should reflect and respond to today’s many lifestyles and the changing nature of the dining experience across cultures and social groups, whether on the go, at family evenings, with parties of friends or at elegant functions. However, concepts should reflect the functional and contextual opportunities and constraints of the dining scenario(s) for which they are intended.
You decide whether you want to enter single artifacts, product lines or whole systems, but the focus has to be on dining.

Designs are excluded from entering if they are:

  • Ones that have previously won awards*;
  • The design of food itself; and
  • Ones in which dining is not the central focus**.

* If you entered a concept in the World Kitchen TEA-OFF! competition, you may submit that entry in this competition if you deem it suitable, provided it was not among the winners or Honorable Mentions.

** A food storage container in and of itself is not about dining and does not define the dining experience by this competition’s standards. In contrast, it is possible to design a dining concept that has the added functionality of food storage and such a concept could be entered because dining is the concept’s primary function.

Remember: Your design must address the goals and requirements stated in the Full Official Rules.
You have to write your entry in English.
There are no categories in this competition.


The judges will evaluate your entry based on the following criteria:

  • Opportunity Identification and Research
  • Innovation
  • User Experience
  • Appropriate Aesthetics
  • Manufacturability

The following information will provide further guidance.

Entry Materials

To enter, you will be asked to go to / and insert:

  • Visuals;
  • A summary statement; and
  • Descriptions of how your design concept meets the criteria.

The Entry Submission Form will ask for the following material about your design.
You will be asked to provide up to 7 .jpgs, in high resolution (300dpi, 1200 X 1500 pixels).
One photo needs to be your glamour shot, the one you’d like to see published if you win. That means no words. The others can have captions and be presented like storyboards.
The point is to tell the story of your research and how your design meets the goals of the competition. What gave you your idea and how does your design fulfill the objective and redefine the dining experience?
Optional: You may submit a video (.wav, .mpg or .mov). For this, focus on making sure it helps show how your concept works and how it fits. The video is limited to 3 minutes.
Essay Questions:
You will also be asked to write about your thinking. There will be boxes provided where you can write in your answers.
First, you will be asked to provide a concept summary, which will introduce your ideas to the judges and be a central resource for publishing if you win. The other questions will ask for information on how your design meets the criteria. You should not use more than 300 words for each section.
Specifically, the entry submission form contains the following:

  • Concept Summary (300 words): Please provide a description of your design, its purpose and value. Include unique features of the concept and how it redefines dining in terms of today’s lifestyles and traditions and your intended user.  Consider including:
  • What is its context of use and dining scenario;
  • Who is the user;
  • How does it function; and
  • How would it be manufactured and of what materials?
  • Please estimate the size and weight of your design:
  • Opportunity Identification & Research (300 words): Explain the research methodology used to understand the dining experience. What are the cultural, economic and lifestyle facets of dining that the research exposed and what is the product opportunity your research revealed? How did your research inspire and guide your design direction and decisions?
  • Innovation (300 words): How does the design innovatively address the opportunity you identified? How does the innovation redefine the dining experience, in the context of culture and changing lifestyles? How does it create new value?
  • User Experience (300 words): Describe the characteristics of the intended user and how they live. How does the design enhance their dining experience given where and when they are dining with this product concept? How does it satisfy the human element, from the sensual to the practical, including the economics and ergonomics of the design?
  • Appropriate Aesthetics (300 words): How do the aesthetics support the opportunity and design goal? What were the determining factors for the form, color, texture, scale, etc.? How do the aesthetics support the user experience and respond to research findings?
  • Manufacturability (300 words): Explain how the concept would be manufactured, of what material(s) and why these choices support the design concept?

Materials Information Resource:
Through a partnership with Inventables, you can create a free account on http://www.inventables.com/  to learn about new materials and processes and collect materials that will enrich their design solution. To access this resource, email whatsbubbling@inventables.com.

Optional: Finally, you will be given the opportunity to include additional research or information of use to the judges if you would like to provide it. There will be a space provided where you can upload a PDF attachment.


You will retain ownership of your design (subject to World Kitchen’s right to display the design following the Competition and its Right of First Refusal, as described in the Full Official Rules), but keep in mind that this is a public competition, so World Kitchen cannot control who sees your entry. If you want to ensure protection, you should take steps to legally protect your design before you submit it.
If World Kitchen desires to commercialize your design concept, it will negotiate with you to compensate for intellectual property ownership.
Be sure to read the Full Official Rules regarding World Kitchen’s Right of First Refusal.

Entry Cautions

  • You may enter as many designs as you like, but they must all be distinct and original, not just a minor change, such as a different material or color.
  • Dining is a broad arena to design for, but if you submit a concept that includes more than dining as a function, that function can only play a supportive role to the dining focus of your central product concept, not be your project focus.
  • Make absolutely no reference to your name, location, school or workplace except on the Entry Submission Form. This is a blind judging competition. The judges will not see your contact information. If you identify yourself in your visuals or answers and the judges see it, your entry will be disqualified.
  • Send questions to: new-ideas@worldkitchen.com  

Notification & Announcement

The potential winners will be notified within eight weeks after the entry deadline.  You are considered only a potential winner until you fully respond to the notification with all of the information and documents it specifies. You will have a limited time to respond. If you do not fully respond within that time, another potential winner will be selected.
The winners will be announced between March 14 -16 2010. If you enter and do not win, you will not be individually notified although you may receive notice to visit the web site to see the winners when the site is up.

In Conclusion

Please read the Full Official Rules in detail. Your submission of an entry testifies to your acceptance of the Full Official Rules.
And make sure you get your submission in by the North American Central Standard Time of 11:00 pm on January 6, 2010. You may want to visit http://www.timeanddate.com/ to confirm what time that is in your town.
Questions? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section on this web site for answers to questions other designers have submitted. If you still have questions, contact new-ideas@worldkitchen.com.
We hope you enter this competition and join World Kitchen in looking at this critical aspect of our lives with fresh eyes and the unique perspective of a designer!

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